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Discussion questions



Discussion questions

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My homeland is Pennsylvania. Within a 50 mile radius of my locality, the key threat that exists is terrorism. The state of Pennsylvania has vast natural resources that may be targeted by people with terrorist intentions to cause public unrest (Kettl, 2003). For instance, in my location, I am surrounded by coal mining fields and vast water resources. The attack on the mining areas would cost a lot of lives because the fields provide jobs for many citizens. Poisoning of the water resources may also cause a lot of harm to the people and the State. The critical infrastructure that is available in the locality is the dams that store water for human use, the railway roads that ferry coal, and the mining equipment. Therefore, more security is needed in my locality. The surveillance should be increased to ensure that the terrorism and other security threats are neutralized when they happen or prevented from happening at all (Homeland Security Initiatives. 2015). The limestone mines should also be protected and security surveillance equipment installed by the department of homeland security.

Because of the existence of abundant mineral resources, the banking sector is also vulnerable. The vulnerability should be reduced by installation of more CCTV cameras to assist in surveillance.


As discussed in the top rated essay writing services, the term “terrorist” cannot be applied in legal contexts to describe a person or a group of individuals. The term is also not correct for use in other settings to describe individuals or groups of people. The term in both cases should only be applied to describe actions. However, some people have used the term for political reasons. The term has worked its way it political culture through its misuse in political campaigns (Beckman, 2013). An example was during the presidential elections of 2008. Barrack Obama was labelled a terrorist because of his religious name. The term has also grown in popularity because politicians use it to justify sanctioning attacks that target many people who are suspected of taking part in terrorist activities. The use of term leads to animosity between people of diverse cultures. For instance, the labelling of the United States presidential candidate as a terrorist because of his Muslim name may be interpreted as meaning that Muslims are terrorists. By doing so, people start fearing individuals of the Muslim religion for no good reason. The fact is people who do terrorist acts being members of a particular religion do not make the religion a terrorist organization. Therefore, people should stop misusing the term.

During the presidential elections, the label was used as a propaganda strategy against the candidate who had a name associated with a group that is usually labeled terrorist (Rich, 2008). The aim of using the label was to reduce the popularity of the candidate and, therefore, cause fear and hate among people. Even though the tactic failed in its purpose, the use of the word to label people prevents multiculturalism. The term terrorist is also usually used by politicians to justify invasions to other countries in the world. Therefore, the misuse of the word has created fear in people for individuals of other cultures and origins. The use of the term by politicians has also aided in the spread of negative stereotypes in the communities.

History of Steam Power Technology

The history of England started in the second half of the 20th century. It was mainly based on the invention of the steam engine and machinery for working in the cotton plantations and industries (Alessandro 1, 4, 2). These important inventions gave rise to the industrial revolution that has changed the society as a whole.History of Steam Power Technology (more…)

Versions of Cancer tumor Problems. Cancers Of The Breast: Indications.

Versions of Cancer tumor Problems. Cancers Of The Breast: Indications. most cancersAccording to reports by center for disease control and prevention (CDC, 2004), males and females are susceptible to infection by over 40 HPV types. In addition to infection on the genitals, HPV has been shown to infect other body organs especially the mouth and throat. While most victims seldom notice HPV infection, the virus is majorly transmitted via oral, vaginal, or anal sexual contact (CDC, 2004). 

Cancer tumor may be a surprising or dependable but uncontrolled growth and development of cells at a precise an area of the physical structure. Because of the more recent accomplishment in technological innovations, everybody has collected a lot of knowledge about the varieties of cancer tumor. Basically, there are cancer tumor associated with an area of the physical structure. (more…)

Varieties Most cancers Problem. Breast Cancer: Symptoms.

With respect to reports by the National Institute of Health (2010), cervical cancer is the most widespread type of cancer, which is categorized as 14th in terms of frequency among the women in United States. The same report points at a mortality rate reflecting over 300,000 death annually due to cervical cancer, with cervical cancer being classified as the third most prevalent of all cancers affecting women (NIH, 2010). Projections on the prevalence of HPV infections and cervical cancer incidence in developing countries show higher morbidity and mortality rates. 

Cancerous cells is a really unpredicted or regular but uncontrolled expansion of body cells within the distinctive perhaps the physical body. Utilizing the the recent growth in innovation, our society has compiled a significant amount of information about the kinds of cancer. Practically, there can be cancer associated with a perhaps the physical body. (more…)

Styles of Melanoma Health problems. Breast Cancer: Indicators.

Styles of Melanoma Health problems. Breast Cancer: Indicators. scalyIn the study, a randomized control trial design will be employed with the study involving a total of 2000 study subjects; half receiving the intervention agent (qHPV vaccine), and the remaining half, the placebo (physiological saline). The anticipated outcome in the two year study commencing February 2015 through to March 2017 will be a decrease in the number of new infections with HPV women older than 27 years following vaccination with qHPV vaccine. The results will be used to design a better intervention program to facilitate mass vaccination to aid in lowering the spread of HPV and the associated cancers, especially cervical cancer. (more…)

Variations of Many forms of cancer Disorders. Cancers Of The Breast: Signs or symptoms.

Variations of Many forms of cancer Disorders. Cancers Of The Breast: Signs or symptoms. signsApproximately 12,000 women report HPV-related cervical cancer every year in the US (CDC, 2004), while NIH (2010) report higher incidences of cervical cancer, and associated mortality rates within some American populations based on the accessibility of cervical cancer screening services.

Cancer tumor is seen as a unexpected or constant but uncontrolled growth and development of body cells on a respected a component of the appearance. From the the latest growth in technique, our society has collected a significant amount of information about the various kinds cancer. Practically, there may be cancers for any a component of the appearance. (more…)

Sorts of Tumors Disorder. Cancer Of The Breast: Characteristics and symptoms.

Sorts of Tumors Disorder. Cancer Of The Breast: Characteristics and symptoms. the breast areaIn conclusion, it is important to have knowledge of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. These include uncontrolled discharge, pain and swellings in particular parts of the breast, scaly tissue and yellow or pale skin among others. If one discovers any of the above-mentioned signs, he/she should seek medical advice and treatment.

Tumors is usually a rapid or regular but uncontrolled increase of microscopic cells in a very unique a part of the human body. Along with the new progress in engineering, the earth has accumulated lots of knowledge about the various types of tumors. Pretty much, there will be tumors from any a part of the human body. Presently, women of all ages should have frequent health and wellbeing inspections, to speedily identify and prevent health conditions. On the list of parts why these assessments take care of would be the breast area. Somebody, male or female, may get breast cancers. Thus, serious know-how about the warning signs is very important. (more…)

Models of Cancer cells Affliction. Breast Cancers: Symptoms.

The CDC report of 2004 has identified different cancer types associated with HPV, considering majority of cervical cancers being caused by HPV infection of which HPV types 16 and 18 account for over 80% of the cases, while HPV infections are implicated in approximately 50% of vulval cancers (CDC, 2004). Penile cancer, vaginal cancer, esophageal cancer, and anal cancer are other cancers of which HPV is largely implicated (CDC, 2004).

Cancer cells really is a unanticipated or reliable but uncontrolled growth and development of tissue during a actual a portion of the figure. Considering the present progress in concept, everyone has compiled a lot of information about the distinct types of cancer cells. Essentially, there may be cancer cells for any a portion of the figure. (more…)

Different types of Cancer malignancy Ailment. Cancer Of The Breast: Symptoms and signs.

Different types of Cancer malignancy Ailment. Cancer Of The Breast: Symptoms and signs. painThe human papilloma virus is a major cause of human malignancies especially cervical cancer in women. Within the American population, HPV types 16 and 18 have been implicated in over 80% of cervical cancer cases. In fact, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia has been ranked the 14th most frequent type of cancer in the US while it is the 3rd most common cause of death among all cancer types.

Cancer malignancy is often a quick or consistent but uncontrolled continuing development of body cells inside of a selected element of the body system. While using recently available growth in systems, the whole world has harvested a significant amount of understanding of the unique variations of cancer malignancy. Nearly, there is cancer malignancy of element of the body system. (more…)

Different kinds of Most cancers Diseases. Cancer Of The Breast: Indications.

Different kinds of Most cancers Diseases. Cancer Of The Breast: Indications. cancersPreviously, HPV vaccine has been designed and approved for use in younger women without considering the health benefits the vaccine could have in women older than 27 years. This study determines the efficacy of HPV quadrivalent vaccine, Gardasil in reducing the prevalence of cervical cancer by reducing the rate of infection.

Most cancers is definitely a unanticipated or continual but uncontrolled growth and development of skin cells in any special aspect of the shape. While using the newly released accomplishment in know-how, the modern world has harvested a lot of knowledge about the a variety of most cancers. Just about, there are most cancers of a typical aspect of the shape. (more…)